How? We connect businesses with skilled stay-at-home parents for project based work. 

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Small businesses make up 98.4% of the Australian business community. Let that sink in. The bulk of our society’s economy is resting on the shoulders of small to medium size businesses, run by everyday families. Continue scrolling to find out how we support both businesses and families. 

How it works

Business owners

Business owners are often time-poor with a close eye on cashflow and expenses. They often can't afford to onboard full-time or permanent teams to help them optimise and scale their business. 

we connect
the two

Primary care givers

Skilled stay-at-home parents want to contribute to their family income but can't return to work permanently while raising a family. Their valuable skill sets are an untapped resource for businesses to thrive.


We've still got this bun in the oven.
Check back soon for updates on how we can help you with your business law needs.

Business Law

Find someone more organised than a busy mum who runs a household.
We'll wait. Our project managers and operations teams can help whip your ops and admin into shape. 

Operations & Admin

People and culture make up the heart of a business. Our HR teams can help you to compliantly manage your teams, without skipping a beat. 

People & Culture

Unless the numbers stack up, you don't have a business, you have a hobby. Want to make sure your numbers stack up but don't have capacity? Let us help.

Finance & Accounting

Marketing & sales are like coffee and cake. Good on their own, better together. We've helped build marketing departments to develop branding, generate sales and measure ROI. 

Marketing & Sales

We have a track record working with business owners and senior leadership teams to develop winning business strategies that are aligned with culture and executed with operations.

Business Strategy 

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Empower families, empower businesses, empower communities. We believe in and support equity over equality. And believe better businesses and stronger communities

start at home.


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client love

What we've been able to create in our business through CAKE in 1 year would have taken us 5.

Rod  Martin

Chief executive officer
 GO2 Health

Cake have proactively gone above and beyond to keep to client deadlines as well as paying close attention to project details.

Helen spurgeon

marketing manager
harness energy

We can't thank you enough for helping us out on this journey, we couldn't have done it without you!

Scott + Emma Clarke

co-owners (and husband + wife)
clarke services group

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BUsiness owners

Craving some CAKE? We get the challenges that small businesses face and, what’s more, we love to help fix them. 

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Sick of having to choose between your family and your own personal and professional identity? We know you can have your CAKE and eat it too! 

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