Small businesses make up 98.4% of the Australian business community. Let that sink in. The bulk of our society’s economy is resting on the shoulders of small to medium size businesses, run by everyday families.

We support businesses and families by connecting skilled stay-at-home parents with small-medium businesses. Because business owners don't have to do it all on their own and parents don't have to give up their careers to raise a family.

we were founded on a simple belief:

we connect the two

Our vision

For every business owner and stay-at-home parent to have the financial, emotional and psychological means to support themselves, their partners, their families, and their communities as their best selves. 

Empower families, empower businesses, empower communities. We believe in and support equity over equality. And believe better businesses and stronger communities

start at home.


Our mission is to 

Our purpose

We believe that no parent should have to choose between having a family and having a career, because we believe every parent deserves to have their CAKE and eat it too. 

Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have.

Small-medium business is the cornerstone of our economy.

We believe business owners deserve to be supported in running and growing their business, because when local businesses thrive, communities flourish. 

We support our purpose 

by facilitating sustainable, equitable, and collaborative opportunities between skilled stay-at-home parents and business owners. 

Our values



If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together - African proverb.

We create community by valuing our clients, our contractors, each other, and what we stand for. We communicate, we collaborate, and we celebrate.



We live honestly, with respect, integrity & authenticity. We believe it’s ok to make mistakes, as we’re all human. 

We own our growth moments, and believe they are opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. 



We care. We have empathy. We are genuine. We are grateful. We support and show kindness to each other, and to ourselves. 


always be




We're proactive, engaged, and professional. We expect our team to be performers and achieve outstanding results.

We treat our clients' businesses like our own, because their success is our success. 

strive for



team spirit




and in our world, 

every day.

Life is always evolving. embrace change. make an impact. appreciate balance.

teamwork makes the dream work.

Life is too short to always be serious!
Connect, have fun. laugh. play. celebrate!

Our values are not just some nice sounding words strung together. Our values are what we respect, what we encourage, and what we applaud; in our people, in our partners, in our services,

A note from

Our founder

I'm Kelly and I'm passionate about supporting Australian businesses and families. My background is in strategic brand management but since completing my MBA, I have successfully supported business owners, senior teams and boards with holistic business solutions across a wide range of industries including retail, fashion, media, technology, energy and resources, finance, property, building and construction, hospitality and health. 

I have worked almost exclusively with small/medium family owned businesses my entire career (with the exception of one quick stint at NewsCorp and Vogue magazine, which was amazing btw), which has shown me the pressures Australian business owners face every day. 

On the flip side, when assessing my own family plans, I realised that skilled stay-at-home parents are an untapped talent pool for businesses to support their operations and success. 

I believe better businesses and stronger communities start at home, and families and businesses really do deserve to have their CAKE and eat it too. So I started CAKE as a purpose-driven organisation with a desire to make work fun and support local businesses.

If you're a potential client or a potential collaborator and would like to find out how YOU can have your CAKE and eat it too, feel free to drop me a line, we'd love to hear from you. 

In kindness, 


kelly prior

Owner + Director

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Having it all,
mean doing it all.
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