business owners and leaders

Let's help you have your cake and eat it too

At CAKE we believe business owners and leaders deserve to be supported in running and growing their business, because when local businesses thrive, communities and families flourish. 

let's be frank

As a busy business owner or leader, we bet some days you feel like the business is running you

 instead of you running the business. Aligning people and culture, managing staff, trying to build sales, increase profitability, streamline operations, setting and executing strategy, develop and implement's a lot. It can also be lonely and often thankless.

What you need is consistent growth in your business, the support of an entire team without the headache of 'people', and the freedom to do what you do best. 

Sound good? You're in the right place.

Here's how we can help

Business strategy

Our winning business strategy development and execution for one client has led to successful government relations and opportunities with federal government. 

marketing and sales

We launched a brand new website and supporting marketing and sales collateral for our client leading to new customers and revenue. 

brand strategy + brand identity

Our re-alignment of a client’s business and brand led to unlocking 6+ and 7+ figure contracts in a completely new industry that had previously been inaccessible for our client. 

tender and awards writing

We proudly put together a winning Telstra Business Award submission for our client! (and quite a few more winning awards for other clients too!)

Digital marketing and seo

We generated $21k in new revenue for one client within a 6 week digital media campaign. 

social media

and some of our recent wins too

In six months, our tailored strategies boosted our client's Facebook reach by 343% and Instagram by an impressive 490%, now fostering a vibrant online community.

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How does this sound?

what we offer our amazing clients:


Access an entire team of skillsets


No need to rely on a ‘one-man-band’ employee who doesn’t have all of the skills your business needs to grow.

For the cost of a single FTE

Our packages allow you to spend LESS than what you would be paying at market rate, AND you get access to an entire team with specialised skill sets.

Managed by a single point of contact

Our dedicated account managers work alongside your key stakeholders in your business to ensure your projects are delivered on budget and on time by our teams. 

To flex up or down as needed

We give you the ability to flex up and down with the right skills that your business needs at the right time. 

And get your precious time back

Master your strengths, outsource your weaknesses and let our talented team nurture and grow your business like it was our own, so you can focus on what you do best. 


With no employment obligations

Get an entire team without any employment obligations like superannuation, payroll tax, equipment, depreciation, consumables, training, performance management… we could go on… 

How we can work with you


on demand

With our broad range of skills and expertise in our collaborators, we’re able to offer cohesion across your projects. Managed by a dedicated account manager and single point of contact working alongside the key stakeholders in your business, our department on demand option allows you to have access to an entire department without increasing your FTE headcount or
employment obligations.


team support

Give your hardworking teams some extra support by letting us take some things off their plate! We’re able to “bolt on” to your existing teams, functions and departments without increasing your FTE cap and employment obligations. Your team will get a dedicated account manager working alongside your team who then project manages our collaborator teams to ensure extra overflow work is completed on time and on budget, without the
risk of burning out your teams.


"Everyone has said what a pleasure it has been to work with CAKE

....thanks for working with us. The feedback has been great."

Kylie Scaysbrook

client love

what  they're having

GO2 Health

"What we've been able to create in our business through CAKE in 1 year would have taken us 5.

From helping us win a Telstra Business Award and managing government and partnership relations, to the development of a Royal Commission written submission, through to providing full service external marketing department, working with CAKE has really truly made a difference to our business and our success."

Virtus Heritage

“A massive thank you to the entire CAKE team for their incredible dedication and hard work

It's been an amazing experience collaborating with all of you. CAKE has been with us every step of the way during the past three months and as we move forward, we're already excited about what comes next."

Clarke Services Group

“We can't thank you enough for helping us out on this journey.

You (CAKE) have been a keystone in this journey, we could not have done it without you! We're happy you had a great time working with us, as we have you. We're looking forward to what the future holds for us."

I'll have 

trusted by our clients


Having it all,
mean doing it all.
Let us take some
things off your 

marketing +
communications manager
harness energy

"As a marketing manager for a medium sized business, you just simply can’t always do it all. 

CAKE have helped me for the last two years deliver various projects and have proactively gone above and beyond to keep to client deadlines as well as paying close attention to project details."

Helen Spurgeon

client love


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