Let's help you have your cake and eat it too

At CAKE we believe that no one should have to choose between having a family and a career. Every parent deserves to have to have their CAKE and eat it too, because better businesses and stronger communities, start at home. 

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You love raising your family and being at home with your little ones, but you ache to be your own person again as well.  

You crave the friendship and support you used to have with your work colleagues. You miss having your own money and being independent. You'd love to use your brain power again for more than the invisible load at home and to create value for an organisation, a project, or your team once again. We recognise skilled stay-at-home parents as an untapped resource, especially for small-medium size businesses. 

We just need to look at how we do business and family differently. 

Here’s What You Need

your identity and independence back

You love your family, but you also miss the old you - the smart, funny, independent you, before you became a partner, or a parent. 

more confidence and support

Getting back into the workforce after a break can be daunting. We're here to make that journey easier. You were a brilliant, successful professional before your family, and you have every right to reclaim that for yourself.

freedom and flexibility, on your terms

Got kids in school and plenty of time to work – great! Home with a baby you just can’t bring yourself to place in childcare (or can’t even find a childcare space for!) and just want a couple of hours here and there – we can work with that too!

Business Law

Operations & Admin

People & Culture

Finance & Accounting

Marketing & Sales

Business Strategy 

We're seeking expressions of interest
from skilled professionals with experience in;

Here’s What We Need

How It Works

Business owners

Business owners are often time-poor with a close eye on cashflow and expenses. Typically, they often can't afford to onboard full-time or permanent teams to help them optimise and scale their business. 

we connect
the two

Primary care givers

Skilled stay-at-home parents want to contribute to their family income but can't return to work permanently while raising a family. Their valuable skill sets are an untapped resource for businesses to solve their problems.

trusted by our clients

Become a collaborator

Sick of having to choose between your family and your own personal and professional identity? We know you can have your CAKE and eat it too! 

Please note: at this time we can only accept inquiries from those who have the right to work in Australia. 

Empower families, empower businesses, empower communities.
We believe in and support equity over equality. And believe better businesses and stronger communities

start at home.

Our mission is to 

wondering how can we empower you?

“Honestly, working as a subcontractor for CAKE changed my life. I now have a much healthier work-life balance and I can attend all my childrens' school and sporting activities.”

- jackie

How does this sound?

what we can offer our amazing team:


Flexible work arrangements 


Work from home. Or work in person with us from our Brisbane office. Or a mix of both! Totally up to you! 

Genuine family-first culture

Because we know that better businesses and stronger communities start at home. 

Fun and supportive team

Our growing team love to share and support each other. And we have fun while we work. 

Work you actually care about

We play to our strengths at CAKE! Say yes to the stuff you love, and no to the stuff you don't. 

Beautiful clients

Our clients are real people with families themselves who love to work with CAKE!

what she's having


“CAKE has helped me become the Mum I want to be without sacrificing the person I am.”

Being a mum doesn't mean I miss out on a fulfilling career. Not only has working with Kelly and CAKE provided me a welcoming space to creatively flourish, it's also given me the opportunity to watch my daughter grow and to not miss any of her 'firsts'. 


“Working with Kelly on CAKE projects has just been a dream!”

Kelly exudes calm and charm when on site while somehow managing to keep everything in line with clear expectations from both her clients and collaborators.

I'll have 


“It's been a pleasure working with Kelly and the CAKE team”

The level of project management and quality of designs has resulted in the delivery of many successful projects. Look forward to more great projects in 2023!

(and him and them too)


“Joining the CAKE team as a collaborator has been a breath of fresh air for my work life.”

I’ve met incredible people who are a joy to laugh and work with, and I’ve had opportunities to contribute my skills to a range of engaging and meaningful projects. The best bit - being a part of CAKE’s vision to reimagine the way we work. 

Are we the right fit?

You’re a skilled professional who wants to break away from the conventional work model and work flexibly on your own terms

You work well independently but you’d also love to be a part of a team again

You take exceptional pride in your work and are passionate about what you do and the results you can deliver

You’re tired of feeling alone and isolated and are ready to be more than just a mum or dad again

you're ready to do something for you

is that a yes?

Express your interest

Thank you for your interest in CAKE! 

Our January 2024 General Expression of Interest campaign has now closed, however if you would like to join our waitlist, click the button below. 
We look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you xoxo

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“I always do a little happy dance when I see a request come through from CAKE as I know it will be efficient, fun and end in a fantastic result.”

- Corinne


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