Grief & Co.

Grief & Co. is a compassionate online boutique specialising in curated gift boxes and meaningful products designed to provide comfort and support for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Going beyond traditional floral offerings, their collection includes purposeful items like grief journals, soothing self-care goods, inspirational prints, and symbolic jewellery - thoughtfully selected to embrace the bereaved and remind them they are not alone during this journey.

When Grief & Co. approached CAKE, they had a clear vision for their brand - to create a safe, supportive space for those navigating the difficult journey of loss. However, they needed a strategic partner to help them translate that vision into a cohesive digital presence and launch it effectively to their target audience.

CAKE worked closely with Grief & Co. to develop a comprehensive launch strategy, laying the foundation for long-term success. This included:
  • Mapping out a detailed plan to ensure key milestones were met.
  • Conducting in-depth research to identify the most effective keywords and channels for their digital marketing efforts.
  • Optimising Grief & Co.'s online environment to align with ecommerce best practices.

With the foundation in place, CAKE then shifted its focus to driving growth for Grief & Co. through a comprehensive digital advertising strategy. This included, implementing a multi-faceted Facebook and Instagram ads strategy, including retargeting campaigns and promotions for key offerings. While expanding their reach to more potential customers through Google advertising.

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The Grief & Co. brand was able to establish a strong digital presence and brand identity. They generated high-quality leads and drove significant traffic to their online store, resulting in boosted sales. The brand captured valuable search engine visibility and positioned themselves as an industry authority. Grief & Co. achieved measurable growth in key metrics like website conversions and social media engagement.

CAKE is proud to have played a key role in helping Grief & Co. establish a strong digital foundation and unlock new avenues for growth. With the insights and capabilities, we've provided, Grief & Co. is now well-equipped to continue reaching and supporting their audience in meaningful ways.

The Outcomes

general manager
grief & co.

"Having someone in your corner that believes in your mission and wants to live and breathe it with you is a game changer.

Sometimes when you start a business you just need someone to tell you it’s a good idea and you're on the right path, and sometimes you need honesty, because just because you can doesn’t mean you should. When I met with Kelly and Lisa, they just got me, they got what I was trying to create and I knew they would be honest along the way!

Then when we met with Emilee, I knew it was perfect. Having people you like being on the other end of the phone with is needed in business, especially in the early days, as you wade through all the ups and downs that come with learning your audience and what they need. The team have been so wonderful, honest, communicative, informative and invested. Love love loved working with Lisa, Em, Kelly, and the CAKE team. Apparently, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Chantelle Anderson (O'Neill)


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