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Virtus Heritage: A rebrand with a fresh perspective

October 18, 2023

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In a world where many small businesses strive to make a difference, few hold a candle to the impact created by Virtus Heritage. As a prominent Australian archaeology and cultural heritage consultancy, they are dedicated to preserving and managing cultural heritage sites sustainably, both within Australia and internationally. Their mission is vital, but like many small businesses, they were challenged by limited resources and time constraints. 

This is where CAKE stepped in: with a mission to uplift Virtus Heritage’s brand and digital presence. The goal was to enhance their influence and visibility in the realm of cultural heritage consulting through a transformative collaboration. 

Crafting a Strong Foundation: Brand Identity & Style Guide 

Understanding the essence of Virtus Heritage was the first step. CAKE conducted a strategy session with their key team to grasp the existing brand and visualise the desired trajectory. An in-depth brand style guide was developed, encompassing imagery, copywriting tone of voice, mission, vision, and values. This served as the compass for all future branding efforts. 

Redesigning the Brand: A Fresh Perspective for Virtus Heritage 

The brand redesign was a pivotal aspect of the project, designed to give them a fresh, modern, and engaging look that resonated with their audience. Every element was curated to align smoothly with their mission and aspirations. 

Finding the Right Fit 

We are fortunate to have a large network of talented collaborators. Finding the perfect match for our client projects is part of our success.  Lisa Reynolds, one of CAKE’s Collaborators, played a crucial role for this project. Not only is Lisa a lovely person whose energy and values pair with Virtus and their mission, she also is.a talented copywriter who started out her career as a Geologist. Her foundational industry knowledge brought effortless context to her work and the team.  

Her words breathed life into the brand, conveying the essence and values of Virtus Heritage. “Collaborating with the entire CAKE team has been an incredible journey, and it is truly gratifying to see our work out in the wild! I’ve thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to work as a team and the smiles and grace of everyone along the way,” she shared, reflecting on the collaborative journey. 

Navigating the Digital Landscape: Mobile-Responsive Website 

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is paramount. CAKE crafted a mobile-responsive website, with a focus on user experience and a seamless interface. The site features approximately 30 pages, including comprehensive information about Virtus Heritage, their projects, services, and partners. 

Connecting through Social Media: Strategy & Content Creation 

Social media is the heartbeat of modern businesses. Understanding this, CAKE devised a strategic plan for Virtus Heritage, outlining the platforms best suited for their current and future audiences.  Content pillars were developed to guide content creation, ensuring a consistent and engaging brand presence. 

Harnessing Digital Tools: Database Management & Optimisation 

Efficiency in managing digital assets is crucial. CAKE set up a digital database management tool, facilitating seamless customer relationship management (CRM). While providing training to the Virtus Heritage team, empowering them to utilise the CRM effectively for newsletter subscriptions, tracking, and analytics. 

Celebrating Success and Progress: Client Love 

Dr Mary-Jean Sutton, Director at Virtus Heritage, expressed her excitement and gratitude for the transformative journey with CAKE.  

“The new website looks absolutely amazing, and we couldn’t be happier with it. We want to extend a massive thank you to the entire CAKE team for their incredible dedication and hard work, truly bringing our ideas to life. It’s been an amazing experience collaborating with all of you.

As we move forward, we’re already excited about what comes next. CAKE has been with us every step of the way during the past three months, helping us craft a website that truly embodies our team, showcases our projects, and partners, and elegantly represents our current suite of services. Their efforts in developing the website and ensuring all our social media and marketing documents are up to date have been invaluable to us.”

Dr Mary-Jean Sutton

Virtus Heritage now stands equipped with a refreshed brand identity, a captivating website, a strategic social media plan, and efficient database management—all elements crucial for amplifying their influence in the realm of cultural heritage consultancy. The journey was more than a project; it was a collaboration that has not only set Virtus Heritage on a path of digital success, it was also an enjoyable journey for all. The synergy between Virtus Heritage and CAKE stands as a testament how the power of collaboration can achieve amazing outcomes. 

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Virtus Heritage: A rebrand with a fresh perspective


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