Behind CAKE: Shining a spotlight on our owner

October 22, 2023

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About Kelly – The Star Behind CAKE

Just like a perfect cake, success in business requires quality ingredients and a star chef. Here at CAKE, Kelly embodies both. As the owner and director of CAKE, she plays a pivotal role in every project we undertake. 

With a rich background in strategic brand and business management, Kelly possesses a discerning eye for the vital elements that can propel small to medium-sized businesses to success. She thrives on tailoring personalised solutions for her clients and cherishes the human connection inherent in each business she collaborates with. 

But what sets Kelly apart extends beyond her professional expertise. Her passion also lies in championing the professional growth and personal development of stay-at-home primary caregivers. Having witnessed her own mother’s challenges, both in marriage and divorce, Kelly is driven by an unwavering commitment to create a workplace where primary caregivers can pursue their personal aspirations while supporting their families. 

With unwavering support from her own family and her sheer determination, Kelly excels in various aspects of life, not just professionally but also through other activities that push her to continuously expand and improve herself like running and completing her first marathon at 26, or completing a full-time MBA whilst also balancing working full-time, graduating with Distinction. She places significant emphasis on personal development and nurturing relationships. Kelly firmly believes that “having it all doesn’t mean doing it all, and it certainly doesn’t mean doing it all at once.” This concept, often overlooked in our society, guides her approach to life and work. 

While it may sound cliché, Kelly embodies the idea of being the change you want to see in the world. This drive led her to establish CAKE. She passionately believes that CAKE’s skilled stay-at-home-parent collaborators not only fill a professional void in the market but also mutually benefit the small businesses they work with. In CAKE’s model, businesses and contractors have the opportunity to bring out the best in each other; a win/win.  

Kelly is acutely aware that the traditional workplace model in Australia often fails to support women and primary caregivers in being their best selves. Many women, families and marriages can struggle financially, emotionally and psychologically when suddenly one person steps away from their careers to parent their children. If they decide to return to work, they grapple with “mum guilt” and the challenges of balancing household responsibilities, child-rearing, and careers, and Kelly believes it doesn’t have to be this way.  

Kelly firmly believes that women and primary caregivers can excel in all these roles but only if they receive the support they need and deserve. This belief is at the core of CAKE. Kelly is creating a company that empowers skilled professionals who are also stay-at-home caregivers to re-enter the workforce on their own terms. This allows them to shine professionally while also focussing on the most important job they will ever have – raising a little human.  

Kelly is determined, loving, kind and joyful and believes that life, work, marriage and family can be all of those things too. This vision and ideology form the recipe for our beautiful CAKE. 


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