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Supporting mums return to work. CAKE TM

November 5, 2023

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In episode 53 of The Wellness Collective, Kelly Prior, Founder and Director of CAKE, joins host Nat Kringoudis to explore supporting mums in balancing family and career aspirations.

Kelly, like many, grappled with merging family planning and a thriving career. To solve this, she created CAKE—an innovative project delivery firm empowering parents to smoothly reintegrate into the workforce post-kids, offering unique project solutions to businesses.

During the episode, Kelly shares insights on:

  • Support for returning mums: Advocating enhanced support and nurturing environments for a smooth return to work.
  • Understanding ‘quiet quitting’: Exploring gradual job disengagement and its implications.
  • Reassessing the hustle culture: Challenging the traditional ‘hustle culture’ for a more sustainable work-life balance.
  • Introducing CAKE and its vision: Unveiling CAKE and its mission for a smoother return to work for parents.
  • Leading ethically as parents: Emphasising ethical leadership within our professional lives and its influence on our children.
  • Reflecting on feminist movements: Acknowledging the role of the feminist movement and its impact on societal progress.
  • Addressing re-entry challenges: Discussing challenges faced by individuals re-entering the workforce and CAKE’s support during this phase.

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