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Brand Revitalisation for Montessori Children’s House

October 28, 2023

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Montessori Children’s House (MCH), located in the serene neighbourhood of Auchenflower, Brisbane, aspires to provide a transformative and enriching educational experience for young learners. Embracing the Montessori Method, the institution prioritises nurturing respect, curiosity, imagination, and a passion for excellence in each child. The primary objective is to lay a solid foundation for academic and creative skills, fostering attributes such as self-confidence, independence, resilience, and self-discipline. These principles prepare children for a lifetime of learning and success.

CAKE, partnered with MCH to reinvigorate their brand, injecting it with renewed vitality. The core of this collaboration was centred around accurately representing the Montessori educational ethos, as well as the natural environment of the community kindergarten through a comprehensive brand revitalisation process.

On reflection of the project, Maddy Robinson, the graphic designer for the project and CAKE collaborator, expressed her enthusiasm:

The heart of the brand transformation lay in the creation of a new logo that encapsulated the spirit of progressive education. Using her design expertise, Maddy took the lead in crafting a logo that embodied the essence of exploration, growth, and child-centric learning. The logo was designed to be uniquely representative of MCH and reflective of their natural environment and community featuring carefully selective motifs such as the bee, the kookaburra, the frangipani, and the gumnut.

One of the key aspects of this brand revitalisation was the active involvement of the MCH community, including dedicated staff and parents. Incorporating their feedback was crucial in shaping a brand that resonated authentically with the kindergarten and its broader community. This collaborative approach added a layer of authenticity to the branding process, ensuring that the finished brand truly represented the heart and soul of Montessori Children’s House.

CAKE’s design efforts extended beyond just digital. Drawing inspiration from the style of Quentin Blake, the renowned illustrator of many beloved children’s books by Roald Dahl, they sketched the original building. The result was a charming and nostalgic drawing that paid homage to the building’s past, adding a delightful historical touch to the brand’s story.

The revitalised brand now symbolises not only the Montessori educational ethos but also the unique identity of the kindergarten and its community. It is a brand that will transcend time, avoiding obsolescence and ensuring lasting relevance. Through this partnership,

Montessori Children’s House is now equipped with a brand that authentically represents their values and legacy, poised to inspire generations of young learners to come.


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