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The Clarke Services Group: Keeping it in the family

April 15, 2024

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The Client

TC Clarke & Son, a Brisbane-based Master Builder with a heritage tracing back to 1919, sought CAKE’s assistance in rebranding. Their rapid expansion had propelled them into a new echelon, calling for a cohesive rebrand to reflect their advanced capabilities while honouring their longstanding legacy. Leveraging our renowned strategic branding expertise, CAKE was entrusted with guiding TC Clarke & Son through a transformative journey, resulting in the emergence of The Clarke Services Group (CSG).

The Challenge

CSG had outgrown its brand name while retaining its cherished values, causing missed opportunities in the market. The brand no longer mirrored their expanded capacity and capability. The challenge was to rebrand without erasing the esteemed legacy of the Clarke family, a four-generation lineage. The goal was to strike a balance, evolving the brand while honouring the heritage and values of TC Clarke & Son.

The Approach

CAKE meticulously collaborated with Geoff and Shirley (3rd generation owners) and Scott and Emma (4th generation owners) to navigate this intricate rebranding journey. Emma, an integral part of the family, offered a unique perspective that respected the existing ideology while driving the business towards a forward-thinking approach. We understood the importance of aligning the brand with CSG’s values, ensuring it could endure for another century.

The process commenced with clarifying the company’s vision, goals, and values, which were then consolidated into a comprehensive Brand Style Guide. This guide categorised the company’s service offerings, laying the groundwork for future marketing materials. The website was redesigned, reflecting the new tagline “Fix. Build. Create” that encapsulated CSG’s essence and forward momentum.

The Result

The rebranding efforts have been a resounding success. The new brand, Clarke Services Group, positioned CSG as a contemporary, capable entity while preserving the company’s rich heritage. The transformation immediately unlocked doors to contracts that were previously out of reach, while gaining significant media coverage and winning prestigious industry awards.

The Clarke Services Group rebrand

The Clarke Services Group rebranding project was a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition and evolution. CAKE is honoured to have played a pivotal role in shaping a brand that bridges generations while propelling the company towards an exciting and prosperous future. We extend our best wishes to the Clarke family on this ongoing journey.


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