Finding Your Drive as a Creative Parent When All Your Energy is Put Into Your Kids

June 10, 2024

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Parenthood. It is a beautiful, difficult and rewarding journey, but more often than not, it often demands every ounce of your energy. Finding the time and the space for your own creative spark amidst the tornado of trying to parent can seem nearly impossible, among the piles of laundry, the half-eaten cereal and Frozen playing in the background for the umpteenth time. But for some, not being able to stretch their creative muscles can be debilitating. There are all these ideas you get, and you need to make things, draw things, do things in order to FEEL. Otherwise you feel like you might fizzle away and burn out.

For those still finding their way, here are some lessons we’ve learned along the way in order to maintain the creative you while still nurturing their own little growing creative hearts.

Make Time for It

It might sound counterintuitive to schedule time for creativity when your days are packed and you can barely find a moment for yourself. Even just taking a wee can feel like too much of a luxury moment. But when you can’t find the time, making time for you is crucial. It’s about prioritising your needs alongside your little one’s. Schedule it in. Block out time in your calendar as if it were a crucial appointment. You gotta put on your own oxygen mask too.

When you make this time a priority, you don’t just create the things you love to create, you create a more balanced and rested version of you. And this balance can lead to periods of greater productivity and less rushing, less frustration.

Audit your Socials

Social media can be a mean, double-edged sword. While it offers inspiration and the optimism of seeing others live their creative dreams, it also drains your time and energy. Take a moment to audit your social media feeds. Don’t love the content? Unfollow. Unsubscribe.

You don’t need to invest your energy in things that give you nothing in return. Surround yourself with accounts and people who inspire and uplift you. Content creators that make you excited. Informed. But most of all, they bring you joy. This simple change can have a significant impact on your mental space and creative energy.

Finding Your Creative Drive as a Parent Through Baking With Your Kids

Get a Hobby. And do it because you love it.

When you’re a creative professional, it can be hard to enjoy anything that’s inherently creative without looking for some sort of financial gain or monetisation from it. Look for a creative outlet that’s completely different from your regular gig. If you’re a copywriter, try whittling. If you’re a graphic designer, consider baking bread. If you’re an illustrator, pick up a new book. Finding a hobby that is separate from your professional work can refresh your creative energies and provide a much-needed break from your routine.

Fill Your Cup WITH Your Kids.

Activities like sensory play, painting with watercolours, or going on nature walks can be fun and fulfilling for both you and your kids. These moments together don’t always have to revolve solely on fulfilling their needs: you have needs too! When you’ve seen the same episode of Peppa Pig for the 60th time and its driving you nuts, try something new that everyone can enjoy together.

Connect with Other Creatives (or another Creative Parent)

Creatives can often be one-man-bands or freelancers, working in isolation for long periods of time. When you connect with like-minded people, the excitement and energy can help fuel your own. Reach out to CAKE collaborators, join Creative Mornings, participate in Facebook groups, or find co-working spaces that foster a creative community. Surrounding yourself with other creatives can provide support, inspiration, and a much-needed sense of belonging.

Do you have your own way of finding your spark while juggling parenthood? Or maybe you would like to reach out and connect with other creative parents? Slide into our DMs on Instagram and let us know!

Finding Your Drive as a Creative Parent When All Your Energy is Put Into Your Kids

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