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A re-branding story to bring one generation into the next.

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The Clarke Services Group: Keeping it in the family

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Here we'll keep you updated across all things Business, Wellness and Lifestyle here. And occasionally if we have something cool we want to share of ours too! 
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As a company we support and empower women (and parents) and children. Coming up to the holiday period we wanted to expand our reach and give back…

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Supporting mums return to work. CAKE TM

Discover CAKE’s Founder, Kelly Prior, on The Wellness Collective podcast. Gain insights into empowering mums and reshaping work dynamics.

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CAKE partnered with Montessori Children’s House to reinvigorate their brand, injecting it with renewed vitality.

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Meet our owner and director, Kelly Prior. Just like a great cake, she combines the finest ingredients and the skills of a star chef. At CAKE, Kelly is our secret ingredient.

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A mission to uplift Virtus Heritage and its brand and digital presence with a fresh perspective.

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Navigating small business marketing is like venturing into the unknown. It’s a blend of excitement and uncertainty. Sometimes, the path isn’t clear, leaving you questioning your decisions.

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CAKE continually seeks exceptional talent. Today, we’re introducing our newest family member, Lisa Evans, bringing her unique skills and enthusiasm to our ranks.

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